friday finds

Happy weekend!
I'm beyond excited for a few days off because my dear sister, Emily (Emmy to us) is in town!
We have little plans, other than to eat good food and snugs with Lily.
And attempt to squeeze out every last drop of summer from this city.
Only a few summer weekends left!

Here's what I'm loving from around the 'net this week...

The cronut craze has been replaced with these.
And I approve.  A lot.
And I'm one degree of separation from the guy who started it all - thanks to a friend at work.

One of my least favorite things just got easier.
Thanks to this app.

Whoa, this is pretty incredible.
And all that changed happened within my lifetime.

100% agree.

Impressed by this.
Who knew his name was Chris?
And he was so wise?

On a different level, also impressed with this.
And it left me with that song stuck in my head for days.

New favorite tumblr.

LOVE this dress.
If only I had the appropriate occasion to wear it.

And finally, yet another frenchie sweater.
Al says I can't own another.  
I would be tacky to have two.
(Like it's not tacky to have one?)

Have a beautiful weekend!

{graphic made by me with photo from here}
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