weekend recap

Seriously - I can't get enough of weekends.
I'm addicted to them.
Time with our little family and friends, in this amazing city.
Ah it just doesn't get any better.

Here are a few pics.

First of all, and definitely most important to the quality of this little blog here, is that Friday Al and I met over lunch to "discuss" the camera I've had my eye on for an anniversary gift.
20 minutes later, the discussion turned into a purchase and I had one permanent grin plastered on my face.

And here she is.
She's a she, I decided.
I'm thinking she needs a name?
She's the new Canon EOS Rebel SL1 - the lighest digital SLR out there - and she's perfect.
A VERY big thank you to Al for my gift (two months early too!).  What a guy.

I put her to good use for our Friday evening at Shake Shack.
I've said it once, and I'll say it again.
Best burger ever. Hands down.

And now some non-iphone photos of Friday night.
It's seriously like putting on glasses for the first time - everything is so much sharper.

^^^heart melting.

After a beautiful night in the park, it was home for Gin and Tonics and Scandal Season 1 - apparently we're way behind on how good this show is.
And one more shot with my new toy.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the Yankees game.
It had been awhile since we had a home Saturday day-game.
The weather was perfect.
I love that we do this - some of our best talks happen while watching the game.

Standing ovation for Mariano taking the mound.

Saturday evening was spent with friends on a roof with a view.

Seriously, this view...

and this guy...

Sunday snugs with my model.

We took that little face to the park.
And the three of us almost didn't make it home. 
SO HOT.  Summer is definitely here.

A little France planning while we cooled down...

...followed by shrimp for Sunday supper.
You guys. This meal was killer.
I'm moving it up in my to-post recipes because you NEED to know about it.
Stay tuned this week.

Cobbler for dessert...

...followed by a sleepy pooch.

Another spectacular weekend.
And can we just acknowledge one more time - whoa these photos are better.
Thanks again, Al!

Cheers to an easy week.

{photos by me}
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