friday finds

Happy first day of summer!
And happy weekend!
We have a few plans this weekend, all fun and on the relaxing side.
A baseball game and a rooftop party.
And lots of resting - Al and I have both had crazy weeks at work 
(yet again - does anyone else recognize a pattern here?).

Here are some finds to browse on your first official summer weekend...

These maps are fascinating.
Socio-economics graphically displayed according to iphone ownership.

This short film about City Bikes is great.
(Wait for the ending!)
And so true about getting around in NYC.

These would be cute (and a fun surprise) for outdoor entertaining.

Fantastic wine website.
Enter location + type of wine you're searching for and it shows you who stocks it nearby AND how much they charge.
(Thanks Alexis!)

Currently reading and loving it.

Can't stop listening to this song.
(I'm sure it's super old, don't judge me.  I am so out of it when it comes to music.  I blame not having a car and therefore a radio.)

Have a jolly weekend!

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