weekend recap

Happy Monday!
I am re-charged, rested, and ready to take on the week.
Which is saying a lot considering my mind on Friday was complete mush. 
I love those weekends when you get to do all the stuff you love, don't you?

Here are a few pics.
The weather Friday matched my mood perfectly.
We ordered in and watched Trouble With the Curve.
I made it through the first 30 mintues, but Al assures me it was good.

Saturday we were up early for a long walk down the Hudson.
Lily will not take her eyes off the water when we're down there. 
I wonder what she's thinking?

It was a very adventurous walk for us.
We saw a firemen training on our block in a simulated smoke-filled "room".
We also watched some very strong-looking guys play polo in kayaks? or something?

Long walk resulted in a lazy Lily (and us) the rest of the day.
She did manage to wake up for her afternoon chewy.
I love how she uses her hands paws.

Lining up the colors for my Saturday night look.
This is only about a third of what I carry with me at all times.
And I'm thoroughly convinced that layering ALL of these gives me a unique color that I couldn't find anywhere else. #partylipprobs

Remember how I told you we were going to a 30th birthday party?
Well the party got even better because our friend Jim proposed too!
Nice little birthday present he gave himself, no?
Best wishes to Jim & Kyle!
Truly a spectacular couple.

What a fun night.

Sunday we hit up Madison Square Park for the Big Apple BBQ.
Lily was loving all the meat "crumbs" on the ground.
She was a quite the little scavenger.
This was my favorite - a spicy smoked sausage with pimento cheese and jalapenos.

Then it was home to do some work.
Al chose to do his on the couch, while I took mine to our sundeck.

Only in New York is this your view while laying out.
I think the church steeple looks like a face - do you see it?

Finished the weekend with a hearty Sunday supper.
The first of many birthday meals for Al this week - his bday is Thursday!
Flank steak, baked potato, wedge salad - one of my favorite meals.

Now if only I could be back snuggin' these two...even if Lily does hog all the space.

Here's to a happy week!

{photos by me}
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