five things I know for sure

Sometimes when life gets really busy and it seems like you'll never have the time to do all the things you want to do, it's helpful to step back, take a moment, and think about what really matters.  

I love reading in O Magazine the "five things I know for sure".
Such truth and wisdom emerges when you narrow life down to five small things.

Here are mine.
Five Things I Know For Sure

1.  Getting out of bed on time really pays off.
Starting your day on the right foot and not rushing really makes a difference.  On mornings when I get out of bed on time, do a light work out, make the bed and actually blow dry my hair, I feel more awake and alert than if I had hit the snooze button an extra three five times.

2. It really is better to do one thing at a time.
Our generation could easily be labeled as master multitaskers.  We listen to music while we study, we watch TV while reading, we text while walking, we have at minimum 37 windows open on our computers at all times.  But my end product is much better when I do one thing at a time.  I make less mistakes and I feel calmer.  This applies to the fun stuff too - focusing on whatever it is you're doing at that instant allows you be in the moment and enjoy details that are often missed.

3. Cleaning ladies are worth every last cent.
Even though I can almost vacuum our entire apartment by using just one electrical outlet, I despise cleaning house.  Tidying I enjoy; toilets I do not.  Maybe it's because I live with a boy and it's grosser.  But, in a world when we're working longer hours and trying to get every last thing into every last minute of the day, sometimes it pays off to not have to clean the baseboards and de-soap scum the shower on your Saturday morning.  Sometimes outsourcing a chore is better than doing it yourself.

4.  Tone of voice matters (so do 'please' and 'thank you').
Whether it's a parent-child conversation, a boss-employee interaction, or a husband-wife moment, tone of voice really matters.  No one likes to be shouted at - and I don't know about you, but I never feel good after I've shouted at someone.  People are much more apt to help if you ask in a polite way.  And for that matter, when it is required that you use a stern (key word is stern - not rude) tone of voice - people will know you're serious. :) 

5.  Find time to do what you love.
Not all of us can make a living doing what we love, but all of us should find ways to squeeze in a little bit of our favorite stuff each day.  I know that this is easier said than done.  But the clothes can sit in the dryer for an hour longer while you go on a walk.  Dinner can start later so you can get a manicure.  That last email can wait until the morning so you can get home to your family.  The work and chores in life will never ever end.  Don't wait to do what you want for when you get free time or when life gets less busy.  You'll be waiting a long time if you do.

What are your 5 things?

P.S.  The sixth thing I know for sure is that french bulldogs make everything better.

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