weekend recap

Monday is here already?
I swear the days are getting shorter.
Another lovely weekend with extra-lovely weather.

Here are a few pics.

Friday night we met some friends for "happy hour".
I put that in quotes because happy hour to us is from about 7pm to 9pm.
So much fun I didn't take single picture.
But we are very much loving The Smith right now.

Saturday it was rise, shine, and unload.
I am weirdly in love with my Saturday mornings.
Probably because by 8am I've already done my grocery "shopping" for the week.

Afternoon at the ballpark.
I love 1:00 games.
Eat lunch, get some sun, watch the game.
And get home by 4:30 for a nap. :)

It was too nice outside to nap though.
Headed to the park with Lily girl when we got back to the city.
The lawn was open for the first time of the season.
I love seeing people fill up our neighborhood park.
If only they would let dogs on the lawn...

Only bad part about all that time outside was that I was left with this:
Introducing the statement burn.
Replacing the statement necklace for this season.

Saturday night dinner with our dear friends Cassi and Michael at one of our favorites.
Oh, and who can forget The Derby?
A round of mint juleps for Orb!

Stopped by Back Fence for a few songs after dinner.
(omg my tan - embarrassing.)

Sunday breakfast was a use-up-all-the-tomatoes-and-avocados-that-are-about-to-go-bad-scramble.

Back to the park for Cinco de (Lily) Mayo.

We stayed out a long time.
Which seemed like a good idea until Lily did this on our way home.
Carried her home the entire way.
What. A. Diva.

New recipe I whipped up for supper- crab and corn chowder (recipe coming soon).
I could eat bowl after bowl after bowl.

One final chore before Mad Men - bathe the demon.
Look how annoyed she looks.

And just like that, the weekend was over.
T-minus five days until the next one.


{photos by me}
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