friday finds

Happy Friday!
We are looking forward to maxing our time in this beautiful weather this weekend.
(Sorry to those in Kansas City with snow on the ground).
Happy Hours, baseball, dinners and park time.
Sounds about perf.

Here are some of my favorites from around the web this week. 

This article has made the rounds this week.
I found it quite fascinating (although I think the title is kind of sucky).
Best line:   "Welcome to the world of hard-core foodism, New Domesticity-style. In this culture, I’m a mere chipper, a dilettante hobbyist who bakes bread on the odd weekend and eats Skippy peanut butter off the spoon the rest of the week."

And on a similar topic, this had me laughing a little about Hipster life in Brooklyn. 
Best line:  "Are these socks local?"

And another thought provoking-piece from the New York Times.
About grocery stores, home cooking, and the food industry.
Best line:  “Just imagine what Madison Avenue could do if they wanted to sell home cooking.”

Okay, enough serious stuff.
This looks nuts.
And kind of fun.
And also really difficult.

This could not be more true for me (and my mom).
Al thought we were crazy the first few times he came around because we'd all get home from dinner and race up to our bedrooms to change into our jammies.

And finally, I leave you with the most amazing 90s video of all time...
about my hometown.
There are not enough words to explain the awesomeness.
It's like one long Lifetime  Movie intro set to a Saved By the Bell soundtrack 

Have a terrific weekend!

P.S.  Currently reading. (Just finished this.)

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