weekend recap

Happy Monday!
I'm trying to have a very positive attitude towards Monday today since I so badly wish I was still in bed.

We had a lovely weekend with our friends from out of town.
Here are a few pics. 
Started the festivities a day early with a lovely long dinner at Rosemary's on Thursday night.
Great food and great ambiance - I just wish they took reservations.

Friday celebrated a friend's birthday at Brass Monkey.
Love these ladies.

Saturday we spent oh just a few (six) hours at Houston Hall.
The boys had giant beers.
I, on the other hand, went for the champs.
Apparently drinking champagne at a Beer Hall is odd? 
The waitress looked at me like I had five heads.

So much love.

From there we meandered in search of food.
42 inches of pizza later and we were happy. 

Ended the night at Arthur's.
This time we got to sit right next to the drums.
I love live music and sitting so close to the band is such a neat experience.
And she is a phenomenal singer. Like whoa.

Mother's day flowers from Lily.
She knew they were one of my favorites.

Sunday was spent eating Taco Bell and watching FOUR movies on the pallet.
I mean, how else would I want to spend my Mother's Day?

Sunday came to a close with Mad Men and more snuggin (how weird was Mad Men, btw?).
Whether our house guests want it or not, they all receive the puppy snugs package at no extra cost.
Comes with lap naps and ear kisses in the morning.

Hope you had a fun-filled weekend and a very happy Mother's Day. 

Wishing you a swift week.  
I know I'll have a quick week as I'm headed back to Kansas Wednesday night.
Can. not. wait.


{photos by me}
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