no-fail neutrals

Last time we talked handbags, we went the color route.
While I love the pop of color a bag can add to an outfit, 
I'm much more likely to invest in a neutral bag that can go the distance with me for a few seasons. 

I'm loving creams, sands, and whites for spring and summer.
They're just so fresh.
And you can wear them with every color under the sun - even with other neutrals!

Here are eight of my favorite no-fail neutrals. 
She's a beaut, ain't she?
I love an oversize clutch.
And the bow? Oh my, the bow.
Looks like the perfect accessory to take with you for wedding season.

This thing is so functional it kills me.
It folds, it opens up big.
It has a little flap to slide your hand through.
And all of her stuff comes in tons and tons of colors (if neutral's not your thing).

Do you see a trend here with my clutch love?
This one's great too because it has a hidden chain strap.
Prefect for when you want to hold on to your purse while tearing up the dance floor.
And I can't help mentally pairing this with jeans, a navy and white stripped top, and a red lip. 
Tre chic!

This is more than likely going to be my "sundress purse" this summer.
I have this weird pet peeve where I don't like my cross-body to be longer than my dress.
Small enough it won't take over my outfit, but I can still fit in my sunglasses, phone, and lip stuff.
That pop of gold will add just the fun-factor I want.

You read that correctly, expandable bottom bag.
This thing can go from small hobo to big ass bag all with one zipper.
Ideal for traveling - especially with it's detachable cross-body strap.

I try to not have an overwhelming amount of one brand in these round-ups.
But I can't help myself this time to be a little Kate Spade-heavy.
Look at this one! She's just the perfect little size and color. 
And I love the zipper on the flap.
This would be the ideal everyday bag if you ask me.

Now this baby makes me gush.
I love her so much.
Her slouchy-yet structured ways.
Her bright white color.
Her dainty ties tipped with gold.
Too bad I'm not in the business of buying $1200 white bags right now. 
Too, too bad.

Another classic silhouette here.
Just so chic and gorg.
And big enough to fit a lot of stuff - like say, shoes, and an umbrella, and a Chrunch Wrap Supreme that you hide in your bag so people on the subway don't judge you.
This is a pretty good price for the use you'd get out of it.  
The darker sand color would transition nicely into fall, too. 

Find a new must-have?
I'm currently accepting any and all as gifts. :) 


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