surviving sandy

We are so fortunate to not have been like several millions of people that were affected by by Sandy.
Whether it's those who lost power or water, or to those who lost their homes...
We are praying for you and sending you love.

We didn't live here when 9/11 happened, and I know that devastation was on a larger scale, 
but still I'm impressed by how this city bounces back after tragic events.
Even just walking to work today with the masses, marching up sixth avenue, 
I could feel how connected we all are. 
Having people make eye contact with me and give me a little nod as if to say 'good to see you're okay'.
Proud to be a New Yorker today, and always.

Our little way of helping was to transform our apartment into The Rose Shelter.
We greeted 12 of our friends yesterday as they emerged from the wet and dark neighborhoods south of us.
Showers, outlets, pizza, and good company is what we offered and in return we had a great time with friends and peace of mind knowing they were safe.

Here is our recap of Surviving Sandy.
Lily was chair of the Welcome Committee.
"Take your boots off and come on in!"

The Rose Shelter's inhabitants.

Spent the afternoon playing games to pass the time.

Lily and her Auntie Jo weren't afraid of Sandy!

We managed to get through this entire stack of magazines and catalogs.

Happy to find out our Domino's was delivering.
Also, and this is important....
The new Domino's Pan Pizza tastes JUST like Pizza Hut.
A big deal for a girl who can't get her Pizza Hut fix in the city.

Lil and her Auntie Kate got a little sad when we heard Con Ed might take anywhere from 
three to TEN days to restore power.

So we all cheered up by Face Time-ing our friends in Kansas.

And then ended the night with a dance party, duh.

Lily wasn't very happy to have an empty home and empty pallet today.
"What do you mean you're going outside?!"

Back to work today as the jungle reopened.

Hope you and your families are safe and warm.
The Rose Shelter reopens tonight for showers and recharging!


P.S.  To donate to the American Red Cross, visit their website.  To volunteer in the understaffed New York shelters, please send an email to staffing@nyredcross.org.
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