weekend recap

I can't believe how fast the summer has gone.
Here are a few photos of our cozy weekend.
I got home from work earlier than usual on Friday and Lily wanted to nap.
She's very convincing.

Have you guys had Tate's cookies?
They are by far the best chocolate chip cookie ever. 
I may never bake again. 
Enjoyed these Friday night while watching Dawson's Creek 
(omg how annoying is Andie?).

Saturday morning, I met my friend Cassi for my first FlyWheel class.
I. almost. died.
But the fact that the classroom is dark and they're pumping music and we had the most peppy instructor made it a little bit better. 
Despite my near-death experience, it was a great workout.  
Thinking of going every Saturday.
Rewarded myself with a bagel and some September Issues once I got home.

While I was at spin class, Al and Lily were hard at work.  
Al on a work project, Lily on removing Monk-a-Monk's foot.

Later, we were off to the Yankees-Red Sox game.  
Yanks lost. And I wasn't allowed to buy a foam finger from this guy. 
But we did run into some friends so win-win, I guess.
(We should have gone to Sunday's game.  Two homers from Ichiro!)

Sunday, I made breakfast.

Lily napped (I know, weird)...

...while I beautified. 
I use this Aveda face mask once a week. 
Kind of obsessed with it.

In the evening, Al and I went sailing to kick-off our anniversary week.
We got our tickets from some Living Social deal earlier this summer.
A bit overcast, but the temperature was perfect.
Taking in the view of Lady Liberty.
She said to tell you all hi.

Can't believe it's been almost a year of marriage.
Time flies when you're a Rose.

I don't think I'll ever get sick of that skyline.
Such a small island for such a big place.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


{all photos by me}
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