friday finds

Happy Friday y'all!
We have an easy little weekend planned. 
Dinner with Friends. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Sunday Sail boating.
Oh, and probably some snugging with that mug up there.

Here are some gems from the internets this week: 
This Ryan Gosling Coloring Book is pretty much amazing.
Perhaps a Ryan Gosling coloring book piece on the gallery wall?
That okay with you, Al?

For all picnics and beach days, I tote around this massive ipod speaker that requires a band-aid / piece of tape to keep the ON button in place. 
Maybe it's time to upgrade to this?

This city made of staples is totez the new card-castle of our time.

I bawled my eyes out at this article.
There's no denying the bond between an owner and his dog.
Excuse me while I go hug the crap out of Lily.

Have a splendid weekend, loves!

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