sunday dinner

Growing up, we had big meat-and-potato Sunday Dinners. Prep-time usually was at least twice as long as chow time and no matter what yard work, errands, or homework we had to do on Sunday, we came together for dinner and talked about the week ahead.  I've carried this tradition over to my life as a Rose and it's been one of the highlights of our week (after Wine Night, of course). Nothing like spending some QT with family before heading back to work.

This past Sunday, we had two of our "NYC-family" members over, Hilary and Megan.  Hilary is a new-to-the-city-family-friend and Megan is my food-and-social-media-expert-friend.  I fooled them both in to coming early and helping me cook (I might have forced them wear frilly aprons from my collection).  We had a great time cooking, eating, and chatting.

The Menu:

And now, the photos...

Step 1:  Have cute pooch sit with legs-to-the-side at your feet.

Have Megan caramelize onions while you make biscuits.

Hilary stirs tomatoes like a pro.

Tomatoes ready for biscuit topping. Gorgeous heirlooms from New Jersey.

Seasoning our chicken.

And she's ready for the oven.

Drink wine and play with Lily while everything roasts.

Tomato Cobbler is ready!

Chicken is ready!

Let's eat!

Oh, and save room for dessert.

Thanks friends for a great evening!

P.S. Go check out Megan's and Hilary's tumblrs.

{photos by me and Megan}
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