weekend recap

We had one relaxing weekend.  Much needed.  
Here are some pictures of our easy-going few days. 

Ready for Friday night with my Skinny Girl Margarita, my puppy, and Al. 

We're on season two of Dawson's Creek thanks to Netflix. 
Finally got to see Joey and Dawson kiss (about time)!

Saturday morning cinnamon rolls.

Waiting patiently for their cinnamon rolls...

...while I organized some recipes.

Saturday Yankees Game.  Was a hot one...and they lost...

...but I got a new hat and had this giant Daquiri so wasn't too unbearable.

Killed some time before heading to the scorching subway by having drinks at Billy's!  
Words can't describe this place.  Just go next time you're at a game. 

Then we napped with this little gremlin.

Oh, and hung the latest addition to our gallery wall. 
Frame from Maison 140. Map from Kate's Paperie
Fun way to commemorate my shopping trip with Pegs

Sunday we had a giant dinner with some friends. 
More on that in my next post.  
Too many photos. :) 

Hope Monday's not too harsh on y'all.

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