friday finds

Happy Friday, friends!
Hope you have a leisurely long weekend planned.
We don't have any real Labor Day weekend plans and I kind of like it that way.
I feel like no one will be in the city, except us.

Oh, and we're dog sitting Lily's BFF, Commodore this weekend.
He's that rascal up there with LBL.
Always proves to be a hilarious time.

Here are few links to check out while lounging at the pool/lake/airport/park this weekend.
We're heading to this Crab Boil tonight at one of my favorite restaurants, Back Forty
Mentally packing my Shout Wipes now. 
Def going to have crab on my pants (err, that sounded sexual. sorry).

Lily's birthday is right around the corner. 
Thinking about crafting this table cloth for the event.
I'll do a post soon on last year's party. 
It was... ridiculous.

Speaking of Lily, 
I'm trying to convince Al that I need this Baby Bjorn-style carrier for the angel girl. 
I mean, why wouldn't I carrier her around like a baby?

Back to school season always makes me a little nostalgic about childhood.
I wholeheartedly agree with 7 Childhood Traditions We Should Bring Back.
Think I'll buy a coloring book this weekend.
(Maybe the one I mentioned here?)
And take a nap (duh).

Last weekend of summer.  Live it up!

P.S. Mini Turtle Brownies. Oh yes.

{photo by me}
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