weekend recap

We had a top ten weekend, and we didn't really do all that much. 
Just how I like it. 

A few (okay, a lot) of photos from the long weekend.
Throwing in this one from two weekends ago.
We had a spectacular anniversary dinner at The River Cafe
Such an amazing location and really old school feel.
Like I mentioned in Friday Finds, we headed to Back Forty for a crab boil on Friday night.
One of my favorite drinks, the Loisaida Sling. 
Smoky, gingery. So good.
Pile one of four:
Annnd scene.
Starting a tradition here. Saturday morning park and bagels.
Picked up Commodore for his weekend with the Roses.
How cute is he?
After playing for an hour, made it home for a water break.
While the dogs napped, Al and I headed to the Yanks game.
It was SO. HOT.
Good thing I had my sweat towel and $20 spray fan.
Probably the most intense game we've been to so far this summer. 
Both for the heat and how much the outcome mattered.
Al was very serious.
Yankees won! 
Still in first place! 
So sweaty!
Met up with Joe Tuna after the game. So charming.
Watch his cooking show show on Channel 25 if you're in NYC.
Planning some Joe Tuna time for the blog.  Stay tuned.
Sunday we picnic-ed at the Central Park Pond.
Got to hang out with my TBM pooches, Lucca and Wesley.
Sunday we planned on going out for dinner and drinks, 
but someone wanted to watch a movie instead.
Watched The Great Gastby again for the 100th time.
My favorite scene: Gatsby and Daisy reunite.
How gorg are Robert Redford and Mia Farrow?
Finished the weekend catching up on September issues.
Look who has a spread in O Magazine this month, my girl Ina!
Miss this little guy already. Lily had fun with her best friend.

 Hope you had a relaxing long weekend. 
Now back to the grind. 
Can't I just go fall shopping instead? 


{all photos by me}
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