weekend recap

Ahoy! So the weekend recaps now happen on Tuesdays. And who thought I'd have more time to blog when I started working from home? Ha! 

But, back to the point. We had a pretty low-key weekend since we're gearing up for a very busy March. And the weather was kind of crummy, so it worked out nicely with my plans of hibernating and napping. Here are a few photos...

Proof of the bad weather. Snow. In Texas. Bonus points for a sheet of ice on top of the snow. Lily was so freaked out trying to walk on it.

Friday afternoon I had to be downtown, so I stopped by to see Al's office. Look at that studious legal genius and his stand up desk!

For dinner we popped by Eatzi's, a deli/gourmet grocery that sort of reminds me of Eataly. We bought way too much food (and key lime pie!) and settled in for the night to watch House of Cards. We only made it through three episodes, so no spoilers please!

Saturday mornings in bed are the best ever. Is it weird that I could watch her sleep for hours?

We finally got out of bed for quite possibly the most suburban Saturday of our lives. We went to Lowes to buy patio furniture, came home to watch the KU game, and then went to Applebee's and a movie (and the movie theater was in a MALL!). Who are we? All things considered, it was actually a great time! Although, I will say that while American Sniper is an incredible story, it is not the most enjoyable film to sit through. So much shooting (duh).

Sunday started out on a productive note. We organized some of the stuff in my office and unrolled the rug. We started assembling the book case, only to find out that the book shelf came with only half of the pieces and no instruction manual. Well, the rug is better than nothing, right? I'll just leave all that crap on top of my desk for another week.

So we did what anyone would do when supposed to be building furniture, but have encountered rad block. We napped. (Well, Lily and I napped. Al worked.) I wish I could make napping my career. I'm so incredibly good at it. 

Then we got a call from our friend Carrie from New York that she was trying to fly from Vail to New York and got stuck in Dallas. Our guest room to the rescue! And a trip to Gloria's for cheese dip and enchiladas. What a delightful way to end the weekend - a surprise friend and Mexican food. :) 

And then it was Monday. Back to work and back to the rain. At least Miss Mayo sits next to me all day. Too bad I can't get her to type my emails...

Hope you had a perfectly lazy weekend too! 

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