weekend recap X3

After my two week break, we've got a lot of catching up to do. Here are the highlights of the past three (!!) weekends...

Attended a beautiful baby shower for my friend Elle. Can't wait for baby to come - should be just about any day now!

Also, and it so deserves a shout out - this is the most amazing lemon cake (need that recipe Stephanie!). 

And then I had five days of this ↓ while I was not feeling well. Huge thanks to my mom for flying in a few days early to take care of me. Between mom, Al, and Lily I was well tended to and loved on a lot.

Flash forward five days and I was feeling a bit better just in time for Carl to join us for the weekend. An intense round of gin completed the evening, although my luck was not as good as when we were in Mexico

The boys golfed on Saturday while mom and I shopped around making a stop at the most incredible needlepoint store on the Upper East Side. If you needlepoint, cross stitch, or knit,you must go here. I picked out my first canvas and had a quick lesson from mom and I haven't stopped since. Such a relaxing hobby that you can pretty much do anywhere or anytime.

Case in point - all evenings are spent like this now. Al working while I'm stitching. Yes I'm wearing special glasses with LIGHTS on them. Because I'm serious.

Sunday we visited the 9-11 Memorial and Museum. Al and I had been to the memorial before, but this was our first time in the newly opened museum. It is unbelievably powerful. It was an emotional visit, but I'm so glad we were able to see it.

Thank you for a great visit mom & Carl! And a big thank you to both of you for sending mom to me early for some extra TLC. 

^^ Two good looking dudes.

And then it was back to work. Monday was made better by coming home and seeing the final touches mom left around our apartment. A clean house, homemade vegetable soup, and some fall decor. Moms are the best, aren't they?

And now for this past weekend...  On Friday Al and I had dinner at a place I've been dying to try - Trattoria Il Mulino. Gosh, what a great meal. It could be because we hadn't been out to just the two of us in a while or because of the great service and really good food, but we had a lovely evening. And our waiter made me a negroni with some Ecuadorian liquor that tasted like cacao instead of gin. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the liquor - does anyone know? It was amazing. Great after dinner drink for sipping.

Al headed to Kansas City early Saturday morning for the Royals playoff game. Lil and I were up early to send him off and then got back in bed for several more hours. There is really nothing like a rainy Saturday morning to give you an excuse for staying in bed too long with a pup and a good book.

Finally got around to my seasonal closet switch. I can't wait for the day when I don't have to space bag half of my wardrobe twice a year. 

Said goodbye to two dear friends on Saturday night. Dallas is lucky to have you, Baileys!

Sunday started with a massage, steam, sauna, and soak at the Great Jones Spa. I had a gift card left over from Christmas and now that I've been I can't figure out why I waited so long to go. I could have spent hours at the "water lounge" relaxing.

And it wouldn't be a Weekend Recap post without pictures of Lily at the park. Sunday's weather was made for the park.

And then it was home to watch yet another KC Royals win! I was so happy that Al was able to go back for the game. For those who are unaware - the Royals haven't been in the playoffs since 1985 - when Al was three months old. His instagram with his dad from the game made me tear up a little bit. Such a great memory to make with Deacon.

Can't believe the Royals swept them. Anyone want to give us some tickets the Baltimore - Royals game this weekend? ;) 

Excited to have Al back home tonight and fishing the week strong. 

Thanks for catching up with me. I hope you've had a great few weekends!

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