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Are you guys as cold as I am?  These negative windchills (and temps for some of you) are the worst.  I have a solution though.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself in 85 degree weather. The waves crashing gently on the soft, white sand.  Slowly sipping a pina colada.  Sounds nice right?  That's precisely how our trip to Mexico was.  Three full days of nothing but lounging around in the sun.  It was delightful.  Here are a few photos.  (Hopefully these make you happy, and not angry as we all freeze for a few more days!)

We headed out December 27th with my mom, Carl, sister Emily, and Al.  We left behind this winter scene...

...in exchange for this one.  We stayed at the Excellence Riviera Cancun and really enjoyed the resort.

Our first view when we arrived - the bar all lit up with Christmas lights.  Loved it.  (Can you see the two waiters trying not to be in my photo?).  Looks kind of non-Mexico, right?

Now this seemed more like it...

The boys golfed the first and last days...

...while we ladies lounged pool-side with cocktails.

Tables and lounge chairs in the water.  Genius.

We were lucky.  It only rained our first day and just for an hour.  The rest of the time, full sun and 85 - 90 degrees.  We didn't mind too much, even the rain was pretty.

At dinner our first night.  Still so pale!

On Saturday's they wear stripes. :) 

Emily and her "date".  Unfortunately, her boyfriend couldn't make the trip.  We missed you Tanner!

Our second day, I made everyone wake up at 6am so we could see the sunrise.  

We were all wide awake after, as evidenced by mom and Emily doing work out moves to each other.  (They do this a lot, I think).

A family walk on the beach as the sun came up.  One of my favorite memories of the trip.

Fresh fruit, all day every day.  Pairs perfectly with our new favorite drink called an Iceberg (A Corona with frozen margarita on top).

One of the mornings I woke up early and wrote while enjoying breakfast and a view from my balcony.  A quiet time to reflect on last year and what I hope to do this year.

(no wonder I have wrinkles between my eyebrows - look at that serious brow furrow!)
Then the needle-pointing club joined me...

An afternoon walk around the grounds...

...where we saw one too many of these guys.  Eek!

I cut my first music video on the trip.  We got this card for Carl for Christmas and played it just about every day.  Aren't my background singers good?! ;) 

The three of us have so much fun.  I love when we're all together.  So much love.  So, so much. Tears.  Love you both.

Our second night all five of us had evening appointments at the spa.  We started with hydrotherapy in these huge pools that had jets and fountains that worked all of your muscles.  And that pool in the back? It was FREEZING!  We had to go from hot to cold water several times.  A really neat experience.  I need one of those pressurized waterfalls for my shoulders every day.

After the hydrotherapy and massages, we were all too relaxed to clean up and go to dinner.  We ordered room service and played cards.  Mom taught us gin rummy and I'm obsessed!  If any couple in NYC wants to play with us let me know (seriously). 

We also tried to teach mom "bullsh*t", but she wasn't very good.  She does NOT have a good poker face.  We were rolling with laughter.

Our final day the boys played golf early so we had the afternoon together on the beach.  Cue photo shoot at the pier...

(My sister in that hat and glasses is just about the cutest thing ever.  So stylish, Em.)
 And it wouldn't be vacation without cheerleading on the beach.  (Can you spot the random dude photo bombing in one of these?)
(I really need to work on my form.  How funny are our faces/hair?)
Our final night we had dinner at the steakhouse and enjoyed cocktails listening to amazing live music.  Perfect end to the trip.

We flew home New Years Eve day.  Sporting our Kansas City shirts Em got us for Christmas (from this darling shop).  

Made it to Kansas City an hour before midnight.  We had to be with Lily girl as welcomed 2014.

Spectacular trip with my family.  We'll remember it always.  And never have I felt more rested and ready for the new year.  I'm thinking we do Mexico every Christmas break...


P.S.  Don't worry, we Face Timed Lily every single night.  Duh.

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