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Happy Friday!  Is it me or has this week seemed so long. I legit thought it was Saturday when I woke up this morning. The air is crisp here in the city and it makes me want to prep for fall and spend time outdoors. A little of both are in the plans this weekend (along with watching more of this show). And I have got to do a serious closet inventory before I do my fall shopping. I end up having a lot of those "Oh! I forgot I had that!" moments. Wishing you a super weekend. Do something fun! (Like clean out your closet?)

Gems from the web this week are below. Have a good one! ↓


This is spot on. I love reading comments on recipes for this very reason. 

Liking quite a few pieces from LC's affordable line for Kohls. Who knew.

And speaking of LC, I went to two drug stores last night trying to get my hands on this

Some new titles for your fall reading list. I think I might start this one.

Well this is depressing (unless you live in Missoula, Iowa City, or Omaha).

This StoryCorps had me in tears. What a tough, but noble job.

Thinking about these for Sunday Supper along with a soup. Delicious!


Happy weekend!

(Image from pinterest, original source unknown)

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