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I have to tell you guys, Al and I have rushed home each night this week so we can hurry up and change out of our work clothes, cook dinner, and settle down to watch The Roosevelts: An Intimate History on PBS.  It's a miniseries by Ken Burns about Theodore, Eleanor, and Franklin Roosevelt and it's fascinating.  For example, did you know that...

  • Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt were fifth cousins
  • Eleanor Roosevelt was the daughter of Theodore's brother, Elliot
  • Which means Eleanor and Franklin were fifth cousins (and married)
  • Today Teddy Roosevelt would have probably been diagnosed as having ADHD; he was quite energetic and some say never stopped talking
  • Franklin Roosevelt decided he would become President very early in his life as he admired his cousin Theodore

And that's just a few snippets of what we've learned so far and we're only two episodes into the miniseries.  As Ken Burns put it, 
We are dealing with a century -- 104 years -- an American century – in a place and a time where so much of the modern world was created and these three people are as responsible for that world as anybody that I know,” Burns said. “No other family has touched as many Americans as the Roosevelts.

The series began on Sunday and runs all week, but I'm certain PBS will be showing replays. Check your local listings or download it on iTunes. 

This is a great piece not only about three incredibly fascinating figures in American history, but a great way to understand what makes a leader successful and to get a really good understanding of the drastic change America went though during the course of 100 years.


Have you seen any good documentaries lately?

(images via pbs.org)

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