year three

Time is such a funny thing. Sometimes I look back on our wedding day and it feels like yesterday. Other times it feels like so. long. ago. I can still remember that anxious-excited feeling when I woke up the day of our wedding. Yes, I was thrilled to put on my dress, hold my bouquet, dance until last call. But more than anything, I was energized by the overwhelming sense of love. I could not wait to vow in front of God and our friends and family to be Al's wife. 

After three years of marriage, I feel like we're in our sweet spot. We're starting to really get things figured out - how to support each other, how to budget and save money, how to argue (a big thing to learn how to do right!), how to love each other more every day. It sounds cheesy, but I really do feel more in love with Al every day.

Now that we'eve settled into our married life routine it's easy to become complacent. It's nice when things are easy. When you're arguments change from the big things (kids, money, jobs) to the small things (dishes, trash, dog poop), it's easy to leave life at that - to only talk about the day-to-day. We have to remember to challenge ourselves and our relationship - to still have the 'big talks' to make sure we're on the same page and to remind ourselves of our goals.

I think the biggest challenge for me in our first few years of marriage was that I was having a hard time living in the present. I was ready for the next step - since our life had been moving in a series of next steps since we moved to New York - engagement, wedding, dog. It was hard for me to just be, even though I knew our next steps were not in our immediate future. But, I'm happy to report that now going into our third year, I think I've really tackled that issue. I revel in our little life here. I'm elated with a Saturday of walking to the dog park and a long, leisurely dinner. I don't just appreciate the little things, I long for them. Because I know someday we'll look back on our life at this moment and think, "gosh, we had it so good".

To my sweet Al - thank you. Thank you for making me feel not just loved every day, but valued. Thank you for supporting me constantly all while challenging me to be better. I'm beyond proud to be your wife. I'm inspired daily by your hard work, generosity, and goodness. Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world these past three years. Cheers to our next year - I have a feeling it will be the best one yet.

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