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What an awesome weekend. So much time outdoors in the beautiful spring weather. I feel so much happier now that we're out of the winter doldrums. I think everyone in NYC is feeling up - tons of people out, smiling, and enjoying the spring that we've so badly been waiting for. The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key, which was good, as we have Al's parents coming in town this coming weekend and will have a much more action-packed few days. Here are a few photos...

Friday night we met friends and colleagues for drinks after work at The Smith. One rounds of drinks turned into several + lobster rolls and we ended up being there for five hours! Such fun and good conversation.
^^ Obsessed with their tile job. (Image via The Smith)
Saturday Al and his buddies played golf at Bethpage Black. Al just got new clubs (Ping something or others for anyone who cares), so he was VERY excited to play. Beautiful day for golf.

While he golfed, Lily and I headed to the Upper East Side to hang out with Jennifer, my friend from work, and her daughter. It was fun to have them give me a tour of their neighborhood. 
^^ Brownstones and daffodils. ♥
We ate lunch overlooking the water at Carl Schurz Park and had a great time people (and baby and dog) watching.

Lily's not used to all this outdoor time - she had to rest while we ate. Such excitement for her to sniff around a new area. She was in heaven at the little dog run in the park. 

See?  Happy pooch. (And a little red in the face from wrestling other doggies.)

We all arrived back home at about the same time and were worn out from our day outside. Plans of dinner out quickly dissolved as Al and I did the old dance of "well, do you want to go out?" "I mean, I will if you want to, but I'm happy to stay home." Finally one of us called it - we're staying home! Reservations cancelled, Korean food ordered, and Saving Mr. Banks ordered On Demand. Sometimes a Saturday night in is way better than anything else. Lil was okay with it too, clearly. 

Sunday we were up early thanks to heading to bed at the crazy hour of 11:30 PM on Saturday. Party animals, I tell you. Some living room yoga to start our morning. She legit thinks my yoga mat is hers whenever I have it out.

And then we were off to the park. The weather was perfect. And in the direct sun, I even felt a little - dare I say it - hot!

Headed to SoHo for an afternoon of grilled cheese tasting at The Big Cheesy

We had a unanimous decision on the winner (surprising to me since I cannot stand mushrooms) - The Pimento Cheese from Van Horn in Brooklyn. This was was the most "classic" of the sandwiches we tried. The cheese was the star - and the bread was perfect too. 

And then we did what anyone would do after eating 10  12 mini grilled cheeses - we napped...

...well, Lily and I napped. Al nerded out with three screens - Masters / Work / Royals. He was so proud of his set up. 

Supper was light after all that cheese. Salads from Panera to go with the Mad Men series premiere  Am I wrong or is the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad everything you ever wanted in a salad?

What'd you guys think of Mad Men?  Looks like we're back to watching Don spiral. Did anyone catch the guest spot by 90's It Girl, Neve Campbell?
(Image source)
And scene. Good work family - another great weekend.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  
Here's to a short week for us - we both have Good Friday off!

P.S. I would like to acknowledge the horrendous events that took place yesterday in Al's hometown of Overland Park, Kansas. It saddens and terrifies me that such hate still exists today. Prayers to the families and friends of all those affected.
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