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Happy Friday! Oh man, am I ready for the weekend. Are y'all doing anything fun? Lil and I are hanging out tomorrow while Al golfs and Sunday we're going to a grilled cheese festival thing. And I might switch my closet out for my spring/summer clothes - although this forecast of high 60s means I'll likely be outside rather than in my bedroom. We'll have to see about that one... 

Finds I'm loving from the web this week:

This is the grilled cheese tasting we're going to on Sunday. Went last year and had a blast. Can't wait for all that cheese!

Love this little thing. So simplistic and beautiful. (via design milk)

This article was just the motivation I needed when I was feeling overwhelmed earlier this week. Removing the focus from yourself and praying good things for others. Try it out. (via Cup of Jo)

One of my new weekly bits of fun - The New Yorker Cartoon caption contest

WAY cheaper than buying linen napkins from Williams Sonoma. Anyone wanna lend me their sewing machine?

Interesting read of the week: How the Japanese do American culture, but better.

For anyone planning to visit NYC - a few etiquette tips.

A new book from the Humans of New York photographer. Eee! I love his little kid photos.

Well what would you know, naps help your brain. I must have a really good brain.

And since it's apparently what I do now, the puppy video of the week:

Have a stupendous weekend!

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