weekend recap

Another quiet weekend for us.  I'm liking all this relaxation, but I'm starting to yearn for warmer weather.  I never thought I'd say this, but I'm getting bored of hibernating.  It's just so darn cold outside, I don't really want to leave the house.  I'm ready for sunshine, warmer temps, and our weekends at the park.  I only have to wait until what, May for that? I guess I should either get more comfortable with hibernating or learn to be okay roaming around in ten degree temps.  You'll see which option I chose by looking at photos from our weekend...

Friday night we had a birthday party for our friend in the lower east side, so we decided to check out The General for dinner before the party.  Any Top Chef viewers out there? Remember Hung?  The General is one of his restaurants.  Asian-fusion food with some great sushi on the menu as well.  It's mostly small-plates style.  We ordered a ton of stuff and everything was exquisite.  A very fun (and maybe a little too loud for my old-soul style) atmosphere. Would be great for a big group birthday dinner or something.  A low-lit photo of one of our sushi rolls:

We were stuffed after dinner, but made it to the bar to celebrate our friend Carrie's birthday.

Had to include a photo of me and our friend Paige who recently left NYC for DC.  Paige really likes the blog.  :) Hi Paige!  We miss you!

Saturday morning started with the pancakes of the day (mixed berry) at Friedman's.  I can't even tell you how good these were.

After a massive brunch and the snow starting to fall, what little energy we had to visit a museum (I was pulling for The Frick, Al wanted to go Natural History) quickly vanished. Instead, we decided to work and read for the afternoon.  There's something about reading all afternoon that feels so decadent. I know I should be doing other things, but the act of removing all distractions and responsibility and curling up with a good book for several hours is my kind of guilty pleasure.  Give it a try.  It's way better than Lifetime movies.  It also helps to have a french bulldog sleeping on you.

We did go outside for a little bit.  Not long though.  Lily cannot stand the snow.

As if our giant breakfast and afternoon of lounging wasn't enough, we did what everyone should do in a snow storm.  Cue the Dominos app.

Pizza, the KU game and we stayed up late watching two movies - The Way Way Back and Blue Jasmine.  Both were very good.  The Way Way Back will make you fall in love with Sam Rockwell and has an awesome cast (and you HATE Steve Carell's character).  And Kate Blanchett deserves every award she's won (and will win) for Blue Jasmine.

Blue Jasmine (2013) Poster

Sunday started with avocado toast.  I like to match my mugs to my toast toppings, don't you?
We might have napped a little.  I mean, is there ever a Sunday when Lil and I don't nap?

I woke up from my nap feeling sufficiently lazy.  Decided to head down to our gym for a long work out.  Didn't realize until after my time on the treadmill that my pants were on inside out.  Hey, at least they weren't see through!  Mostly including this photo as proof that I did more than lay around reading and eating carbs all weekend.

Other productive task:  I made a nice Sunday Supper for us.  First time making this recipe of braised chicken over caramelized onions topped with Gruyere cheese.  It did not disappoint Definitely on our make-again menu.

A weekend that started strong, was a little slow in the middle, but with a strong finish.  
How was your weekend?  

Cheers for a fast week!
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