happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are cozied up watching the parade and prepping for our Friendsgiving tomorrow.  There will be 18 of us in total and we can't wait!  Al just declared it his favorite day of the year (although he says that also on 4th of July and the first day of The Masters).  

Sending thanks, love, and prayers to our families today.  We wish so badly we were there with you now (okay, maybe that we were there in a few hours when the food is ready. ;)).

We have so much to be thankful for this year.  But most of all, I'm thankful that I have Al and Lily girl.  Without them, life wouldn't be full of love, laughter, and snugs.  Al, I couldn't do it without you.  So much love.

And thanks to you for checking in on The Rose Record.  I'm thankful for you!

And like I say every year

May your stuffing be tasty. 
May your turkey plump. 
May your potatoes and gravy 
Have nary a lump. 
May your yams be delicious 
And your pies take the prize. 
And may your Thanksgiving dinner 
Stay off your thighs.

                                                         -Author Unknown

{photo and image by me}
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