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Hi Friends!  I'm buried in emails - both work-related and Cyber Monday- related.  I'll be back tomorrow with our Weekend (and Friendsgiving) Recap.  But in the meantime, I wanted to share the toast I wrote and read at Friendsgiving.
Happy Monday!

Once in a while it is smart to remember
The good that exists not just in November.

The big moments of life and the little ones too,
They are what make us unique, me and you.

So this year I’m thankful for the following things,
I hope you don’t think I’m just rambling…

I’m thankful for our families, those far and near
For the health and happiness they’ve had this year.

Kansas and New York City you’re both on the list,
As our homes past and present we could never forget.

I’m thankful for France - Paris, St. Tropez, and Avignon,
What an incredible vacation - the memories live on.

I’m thankful for our jobs, though they work us to the bone.
They let us live this great life in this city we call home.

We give thanks to the people who make our daily lives better -
The cabbies, the doormen, those picking up litter.

And those home and abroad who protect this great nation,
We thank you and praise you for your service and dedication.

To the things and people that keep me smilin’ -
Cheers to cooking, Wine Nights, and Ina Garten.

Thanks to the friends that circle ‘round this table,
Your support, laughter, and dance moves make us all the more able.

Don’t worry readers, my list is just about over,
Just a pup and a boy to discuss further.

To the dog who stole my heart, I can’t put it in rhyme,
Just how much better life is with Lily all of the time.

And finally to the man who is hard to forget,
His wit and his height, and his Lisa Loeb bit.

Al you make this life worth living.
It is you whom I’m thankful for most this Thanksgiving.

So let us raise our glasses in hope and cheer,
For another unforgettable and incredible year.

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