weekend recap

Is it me or are the weekends going by too quickly?!
I feel like I blink and Monday is already here.
Maybe it's because we have such fun on the weekends.
Or maybe it's that whole thing where as you get older, time seems speed up.
Either way, a great weekend on the books.
Here are a few photos...

Friday I wasn't feeling too hot.
I took a LONG nap and then managed to get myself out of bed to head across the street to Friedman's with Al and Jolie.
Grilled cheese and tomato soup = the perfect cure.
Look at the stringy goodness on that sandwich.  Oh, and there's bacon on it too. Obvi.
Mouth. Watering.

Then it was home for a movie and cocktails.
This is a little something Jo mixed up - vodka, grapefruit juice, and seltzer.

We watched a really awful movie (This one. It is bad.  And not in a 27 Dresses kind of way, where it's so bad you like it).
Lily didn't like it either.  She got to work on her birthday toy.

Typical Friday Night at our home.
10:30 PM and this happens.

Saturday Jolie and I did a little shopping.
It's so fun to have a girl roommate to do girly things.
It helps with my terrible case of second-guessing when shopping.
And Jo is a master of finding cute pieces hidden in racks of seemingly bad clothes.
(like the cute maroon coat over the green bomber below...like I NEVER would have thought of that together but it is SO good!)

Then we double dipped and went back to Friedman's for brunch.
This was our first time having brunch there and oh man their menu is amazing.
I got the Southern Breakfast:  cheddar grits, biscuit, fried eggs, and fried green tomatoes.
I'm in love with this restaurant, clearly.

Saturday night we kept it low key with our friends at Kettle of Fish.
Good friends in fall sweaters...

...and the boys in vests. :) 

Sunday started like this...

...and ended with this.
8 and 0!  Who would have thought?
Look how happy Al is. :)

And the only chore I accomplished Sunday was cleaning my make up brushes.
It makes me feel SO responsible.
Weird since it takes all of 5 minutes.

The scene when I left this morning...
At least nothing changes for her on Mondays.

Hope you had a great weekend.
T-minus five days until the next one.

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