weekend recap

Another weekend for the favorites list.
All was good - friends, food, the Jayhawks - really everything except the weather, but what's new.
Here are some pics...

Friday night began how all Friday nights should begin...
with a martini in a crystal coup (and a Jayhawk victory!) 

Saturday we had a very adult morning.
Gym, vet appointment (just a check-up), a visit from the cable guy, AND we set up our new wireless router. 
Oh, and I made smoothies (with chia seeds!).

We also spent a good amount of time trying to de-diva Lily.
She does this new thing where when she's walking with me, she won't walk.
She wants to be carried.
Like a baby.
Fun times in the snow surrounded by drunk St. Pattys day kids dealing with this:

Saturday night menu (after another KU win!).
You hafta order it in your best John Travolta Pulp Fiction impression.
...Okay, maybe I'm the only one who did that...

This is what Heaven looks like (minus 20 french bulldog companions).
Sunday care package from Retta.
I ate one of those pb eggs for every episode of How I Met Your Mother that we watched.
So that would make it 27 Reese's for 27 episodes.
Sorry I'm not sorry.

A little a laundry action...

...followed by a little brush cleaning...

...ending with a little birdie.

We totally won, in all ways, this weekend.
Winner winner chicken dinner.

Hope your weekend was just as legen-...
...wait for it...
(See, I told you we watched a lot of HIMYM)


{photos by me}
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