friday finds

Yay weekend!
Despite the fact that it might SNOW on Saturday, I have plans to spring-ify our house.
Change the wreath, buy some tulips, set out what little Easter tchotchkes I have.
Might even break into some of my Space Bags under the bed and get out some more spring/summer items and make them work for this transitional (aka winter) weather.

Here are some finds from around the 'net to browse while I'm sprucing...

First of all, may we all take a moment to mourn the impending death of Google Reader?
I'm so. sad.
And angry. I mean.
How am I supposed to move all 932 of my blog subscriptions to a new reader? 
Ugh. This sort of helps. I guess. (Thanks Sarah)

This will cheer you back up.
Kids are so awesome.
And I can't wait until I have kids so I can dress them head to toe in Crew Cuts.

This looks fun!
Marking our calendar.

This is fascinating.
Amazing and sad and optimistic how so many people have so little.

Pretty sure this is what Al and I would look like if we were french bulldogs.

This made me laugh.
She does a spot on Lena Dunham impression.

Happy Friday!

P.S. Pixelated Tech Cases! (via designmilk)

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