friday finds

Happy Friday Friends.
We have fun plans to celebrate our friend's 30th birthday this weekend.
It's still a little strange to me that I have friends turning 30.
How did this happen when I'm still 23? ;) 

Browse these interweb finds while we're out having cocktails.
(Old Fashioned for me. Manhattan for the mister.)

The science behind the foods you crave.
Fascinating to think that just about everything in the grocery store is created and advertised and labeled in a way to manipulate you to crave more, eat more, and buy more.

This exhibit looks interesting.
I can remember 1993 like it was just yesterday...

Do you do this?
I prefer it both as a host and a guest.

Great news for taxi riders.

This made me cry.
And also had me dancing with Al at home to our first dance song (Into the Mystic).

Also, I can't WAIT for The Oscars on Sunday!
For both the fashion and the awards.
I'll be tweeting my favorites throughout the show.
Follow me here.

Have a spirited (pun intended) weekend.

P.S. Master the moonwalk!

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