weekend recap

Man Monday came fast.
I hate that.
I need one more day!

Despite the swift weekend, we had an enjoyable few days.
Lots of lounging on the pallet; pretty much my favorite thing to do ever.

Here are a few pics.

Early Saturday morning I felt some rustling down at the foot of the bed.
I rolled over, squinted open one of my eyes and saw THIS face.
She was just starring at me.

Since I was so rudely awoken, I did what anyone would do.
And then fried eggs in the bacon fat.

The afternoon was spent working out and flying Al's new copter.
Lily seriously hates this thing. She goes nuts.

Headed to Emplell¤în for a tasty meal before hitting up a birthday party.
They did a nice job with all TWENTY of us.

Party pic!

One of the many reasons I leave my cast iron skillet on the stove at all times.
Makes 3am quesadillas that much easier.

Sunday split a grilled cheese and tots at Melt Shop.
Love that we have one within walking distance.
And on it's way to the dog park.
And they have outdoor seating so Lily can come too.
(Side note: oh look, we're eating again!)

A long time at the park then home to do our Oscar pics.

Followed by an Argo viewing.
Good grief that movie is intense.
Very, very good.
So glad it won Best Picture. 
(How cute was Ben's speech?)

Then it was finally time for red carpet coverage.
I love how they start five whole hours before The Oscars begin.

Finally peeled my eyes off E! in time to go get the best celebratory food I know of...
(Judge me. I don't care.)

Then my intense live tweeting began.
Sorry everyone.
I just had a lot of thoughts.
Lily was so over it.

My pics for best dressed?
It's a tie between Charlize and Kerry Washington (with a close third to Jessica Chastain).
Don't even get me started about Anne Hathaway. (What was that?!?)
{via here and here}

Overall I thought the show was kind of...meh.
Lily agreed.
Hope you had just as much fun!
Here's to an easy week.


{photos by me unless otherwise noted}
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