I've never been one to really have New Years Resolutions.  
It just wasn't for me.
Perhaps because I knew I'd never really stick to them so I stopped making them.

Well that all changes this year, my friends.
I'm making resolutions and I'm going to stick to them.  
I promise.
I thought by putting them on here I can be a little more accountable. 
Maybe we can have a six-month check up in June?

So here they are.  
Wish me luck and send along any help.  
I'm going to need it.  

#1 - Eat Less Bad Stuff
I'm okay at eating well Sunday through Thursday. But then the weekend hits and I want to go out to dinner...and NOT order a salad. I want wine and butter-filled foods and then in the morning I want Taco Bell to cure my hangover. I'm 27 now and my metabolism just isn't want it used to be. I can't put my body through this abuse anymore. I already count my calories each day using My Fitness Pal, but I just conveniently don't put in all the crap I eat on the weekends. I don't want to say I'm dieting because that is well, depressing. I just want to eat more foods that make me feel good and less foods that make me feel icky (both physically and mentally).  

#2 - Work Out Twice a Week
Okay, I know some of you are laughing at this because you work out every day without a problem. But that's not me...yet. I know if I say i'm going to work out every day or every weekday it just won't happen. I like to sleep. I like to snugs Lily's sweet face in the mornings. So rather than the unlikeliness of every day, I want to go from twice a month to twice a week.  Sounds reasonable. And Al's promised to help get me out of bed in the morning. (Also, want to know what's pathetic? We have a free gym in our building. All I have to do is go down eight flights on the elevator. Talk about lazy.) I went this morning and it wasn't all that bad!

#3 - Be on Time
I grew up in a late family. I have spent 27 years being used to being late. And it drives Al CRAZY. Moving to New York didn't help either where there seems to be a 15 minute grace period due to the subway or traffic or a parade (what's with all the parades?!). This year, I will stop making us the late family and I will be on time. (Next year we can shoot for being early. What a concept). I really need to apply this to our morning routine. I need to realize that I cannot make the bed, feed lily, get ready, blow dry my hair (a rarity, I'm afraid), and unload the dishwasher all in the 45 minutes I think it will take me. I need to be reasonable with my time frame and my tasks.

#4 - Become A One-Space-After-a-Period-Person
Because I like order and structure it's probably no surprise to you that I LOVED the MLA Guidelines growing up. I strive to follow each grammar and punctuation rule, always. One of those rules, back in the day, was two spaces after a period. Apparently, times have changed and this is no longer the norm. Time to modernize myself and my writing with only one space after each sentence. Crazy I know. (And just to let you know, I went back and checked this entire post for spaces after each period. So hard to get used to. I still think it looks funny).

#5 - "Go" to Church More
We have tried very hard the past few years to find our church family here in New York.  And we just haven't found anything that compares to the personality and practicality that we get from our church back home. Luckily for us, we can watch our church live and online. How easy for us to plug in and get charged up with inspiration and good feelings for the week. All from our couch. Now we just need to actually do it every Sunday.

So there they are.  
Five real, solid, and challenging resolutions.  
Will you help me?
What are your resolutions?  
Let's keep on track together!


P.S. Check back later for a Wine Night recipe that sticks to #1 up there.  

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