friday finds


I haven't discussed my feelings toward the horrendous Friday we all witnessed last week. 
Honestly, I just....couldn't.
I couldn't let my brain think of it. 
I had to turn the TV off.
But for so many people, they can't turn off their brain or their TV.
For far too many people this sadness is their new reality.

I finally broke down this morning.
I just happened to be walking from Rockefeller Center to Park Avenue right at 9:30am.
I walked past three churches and counted the twenty six chimes of the bells.
And I lost it.

Instead of Friday Finds this week,
I ask you to take those few minutes
and instead think of the 20 children and six adults 
who aren't here because of a senseless act of violence.

I'll be praying harder this holiday season.
Hugging tighter, loving longer, and counting my blessings.
And keeping Newtown in my thoughts, prayers, and heart.


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