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Before flying to New York, Dean had confided in Rochlen his unease over being away from Angeli. “He was worried,” notes Rochlen, “and said to me, ‘They’re getting to her. I’m gonna lose her. Keep in touch.’ He gave me his phone number in New York before he left. One morning at two a.m. he called me to talk about Pier. ‘I’m so sad,’ he mourned. He said he was gazing at the stars as he talked.”  
Hi Friends! 
So sorry for a lack of a Wine Night post yesterday.
I was at home in bed sick while my tonsils decided to hang out touching each other.
Luckily I had Lily Girl by my side to nurse me back to health. 
Some Theraflu, Succrets, and sleep later and I'm back in action.
Good thing too, because we have OCTOBER BALL tomorrow!!!

Here are some reads for your weekend (or your next sick day).
Al sent me this list of The Worst Things.
So ridiculously true.
I struggle with number three at least ten times a day.

As an avid FreshDirect user, this article in the New York Times was fascinating.
All that so that I don't have to walk seven blocks to the grocery store.
Also, did you know that "FreshDirect handles about 50,000 pounds of bananas each week"?!

Thrilled to read that the Impossible Project has received all its funding. 
Genius! I want it now!

Now why didn't they come out with this beauty tool until now?
Might need to try it for the ball this weekend.

As if you didn't have enough recipes for all those apples, don't forget about apple crafts!
Wishing you a glamorous weekend!

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