gallery wall sources

After our gallery wall how-to post (still patting myself on the back for that gif), 
I received a few questions about where we got our art and frames.  

Here's a little guide to where I got each piece. 
(FYI, that light switch at the bottom was free...came with our apartment. She's a beaut, huh?)

1 - Don Hamerman print from 20x200.  Frame from West Elm.

2 - Handmade needlepoint from my old babysitter.  Precious wedding gift. Her frame.

3 - Lisa Congdon "Tickets" 20x200 collaboration with West Elm.

4 - You and Me and the Dog print from Etsy.  Frame from Amazon.

5 - New York City Map from Kate's Paperie.  Frame from Maison 140.

6 - R Zinc Letter from Anthropologie.

7 - Photo of my mom's family when they were little kids.  No clue where frame is from. Re-purposed it from around the house.

8 - Engagement picture.  Frame from West Elm.

9 - Personalized Subway Sign from Etsy.  Frame from West Elm.

Inspired?  Good.  Now go get your gallery wall on!

P.S. Planning on a few more additions coming soon.  Stay tuned.

{photo by me}
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