braided roll-up

I slept-in until 8:20 today.  
I had to; there was a french bulldog snugging me real hard.
No time to wash my hair, I decided to test out this hair tutorial I saw on Pinterest. 
(Sweet bra strap in the pic. Classy, Katie).
Would you believe me if I told you it was easy and fast?
Here's the proof.

Step 1:  
Divide your hair in to three sections. 
One on each side and one in the back. 
Loosely braid each strand and secure with a clear hair tie.
Step 2:  
Have previously-mentioned sleepy french bulldog sleep on your foot while braiding.
Just kidding. 
The Real Step 2:  
Braid all three strands together and secure with another clear hair tie.  
(I don't have a picture of this because, um, just because I forgot.)

Step 3:  
Roll your giant braid up and into itself.  
Similar to the french roll.  
Don't try too hard here. Let the hair do want it wants to.
 Just roll and tuck it until it looks good and there aren't any hair ties showing.
Pin in place with spin pins.
(I literally only have two spin pins holding this whole thing together. They are the bomb dot com.)

Step 4:  
Twist gently and pin the sides if they're a little floppy.
Pretty good for dirty-woke-up-late-hair, huh? 
(weird that my hair looks a different color in each photo.)

Now you try!


{Serious apologies for the terrible bathroom iPhone photos. 
Blame the lack of coffee and the fact that I wasn't wearing my glasses.}
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