weekend recap

Sorry no post yesterday.
I was still in full-on weekend mode.
And may not have gotten out of bed till after 10am. 
It. was. glorious.
So was the rest of the weekend.
Here are a few pics. 

Friday night I concocted up my new favorite drink.
Gin, diet tonic, lime juice, and a splash of grenadine.
I drank that while Al worked (wah wah).

Saturday morning was spent menu planning with my best friend, Ina.
Lily helped, too.
Then Lil showed me her new (unsafe) spot to perch.
She can be so cat-like sometimes.

Late afternoon walk to the park so Lily girl could see her friends.
The light between four and five o'clock these days is just killer.

Saturday night I peeled Al away from his work for a lovely dinner at Riverpark
This space is fantastic. Right on the water.
And Tom Colicchio's menu is stellar. 
Everything we ordered was top notch.
And great service!
(Can you tell I liked it?)

Sunday was spent baking and prepping for a dinner we were hosting.
I think getting the inside of the vanilla bean might be one of my favorite cooking things.

That vanilla went into a homemade butterscotch custard.
Which turned into butterscotch pot de crème with salted caramel sauce.
I love desserts that you do completely before guests arrive.
Makes dinner party timing much easier.

The rest of our menu.
Strugs McGee there trying to spell arugula.

Great company for a yummy meal (Thanks for coming Abbey and Paul!).
Note to self, take photo of table setting BEFORE eating dinner.
Here's what was left after I cleared most of the dishes...

Quick walk to Nomad for some after-dinner drinks in the library.

Monday we slept in. A lot.
Lily was cracking us up by not waking up.
She kept just snugging in tighter and tighter with us.

Finally got ourselves up and out and decided on Shake Shack for a cold, but worth it lunch.
(So good in fact we didn't even eat dinner!)

Went to an afternoon movie to see Zero Dark Thirty.
Can we say intense?
I didn't breathe during parts.

Ended our extra day at home watching another critically acclaimed film, 

Put new sheets on the bed (one of my favorite things - new sheets), before hitting the sack.
These pillow cases were a Christmas gift.
Hilarious, no?

Great quality (and quantity) time.
Love me some three-day weekends.

Hope you have a swift rest of your week!

{photos by me}
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