weekend recap

Oh, Monday.  You're back; and so soon. 
Feeling rather refreshed today. 
Had a full weekend with a relaxing and productive Sunday.
Ready to tackle this week head on.

Here are a few (okay, kind of a lot) of pictures from this weekend.
Friday night outfit.  Mixed my holy "weekend" jeans with my dressy pumps.
Friday night we met friends for dinner at August
Al was twinsies with this dude.
(FYI, we don't know him; he was just walking by on the street.)

 Stopped by Bell Book & Candle for after-dinner drinks.
Me and my stunning friend, Sara.

Saturday was Apple Picking day!
Such a fun field-trip with good friends.
Apparently everyone wanted to go apple picking on Saturday, 
because there was a long line for the cabs in the town.  
We considered about walking based of these directions from a store clerk, but thought otherwise. 

No bother waiting though.
We had this view from the taxi stand.

Once we finally got a cab, our driver (Tomas!) took us on a the scenic route to show us some of the amazing houses up in North Salem. 
The views were breathtaking.

Finally made it to the orchard.
Time to pick with my lightning rod picking pole.

Nice purse, Al 


Don't even think I didn't climb up that ladder.
My view from up high.
Headed across the street for fall food.
Turkey legs!
(Okay, this was actually pretty gross, but you just have to order one.)

Long and happy day (with only a bit of rain).
Always happy to come home to the nugget.

Sunday started with this face...

...followed by Chiefs waffles

Then I did the seasonal closet swap.
May I just say, hallelujah for Space Bags.

Made an apple crisp.
Lily approved.

Finished the weekend with the first night of my flannel P.J.s and working through my stack of magazines.
Hope you had a recharging weekend, y'all!

P.S. How 'bout them apples? (SO MANY!)

{all photos by me}
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