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Hello! How was your Valentine's Day weekend? I had a long weekend (my office was closed yesterday) so my mom and sister came to visit and help set up our new place. I'm sure it didn't make for a very romantic Valentine's Day for Al, spending it with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law, but we've never been very big Vday people. And we got so much done; it was incredible! We also, of course, ate a lot (of Mexican food), laughed a lot, and shopped a little. Here are a few photos...

I received this lovely photo Thursday evening as my visitors headed South. Only an hour and fifteen minute flight and they still got slap happy. 

They arrived just in time for dinner - and to serve as our first dinner guests at our new table. I foresee many long dinners with friends and family around this table.

Friday we were up at 5:15am for our Camp Gladiator work out. Al and I have been going for two weeks now and really love it. Not only is it a good work out, but we are meeting new people too. I can't believe mom and Em (okay, mostly Emily) got up that early to come with us - especially because it was so cold that morning (the class is outside). We got there early, believe it or not; so what else do you do at 5:45am other than take a selfie?

Friday morning I worked and then we went furniture shopping (as you may recall, we need a lot of new furniture). We kind of struk out, but did get some ideas for things like rugs and end tables that I want to wait and buy until after our sofa arrives.  And here's Em modeling our new chair (kidding!).

Nothing to cure the I-can't-believe-we-didn't-buy-anything-blues than some Mexican food at Mia's. We'd been before when we came to Dallas to look for town homes, and thought it was the perfect hole-in-the-wall place for Mom and Emily. It was good (but not as good as I remembered - we had sort of a terrible server) and the margaritas strong. We'll be back, especially since it is minutes from our place.

Saturday - Valentine's Day! I made pancakes for the crew and we all opened our Valentines. Tea towels for the ladies and chocolates for Al.

^^ Lily got a special Valentine's Day treat too. As if she needed more toys.

And then we spent the entire rest of the day outdoors because it was 75 DEGREES! A walk on the Katy trail, followed by more shopping, and then a picnic on our roof deck (still no furniture, but we did get a cute outdoor rug). Perfection. Especially for mid-February.

Sunday started with a huge breakfast at Buzz Brews followed by the world's longest trip to Home Depot. 

^^ Roll your own breakfast scramble. Yes, please.

^^ Totally normal to make your brother-in-law cart you around the hardware store while shouting aisle numbers we need to hit.

Back at home, we put our Home Depot goods to work - a shelf and organized laundry room, a ridiculously tidy guest closet with Christmas storage (not pictured), and new flowers for our patio. I love that kind of productivity. Felt so good. But we were exhausted afterwards! Pizza and the SNL 40 special and we were out.

^^ I should have taken a before photo of the mountain of random stuff from which this originated.

^^ Lily was so curious. Also notice the spoon. We forgot to buy gardening tools.

^^ Quite possibly the three sleepiest girls of all time.

Monday after another early morning Camp Gladiator (for three of the four of us - I'll let you guess who slept in), we cleaned up and headed for lunch and a day of non-furniture shopping. Lunch at Mia Cocina (because it had been two whole days since our last dose of queso) and shopping our way around the West Village (the Dallas version, not the New York West Village). 

^^ One last back tickle for Miss Mayo from my mom.

And then we had to say our goodbyes and they were off to cold and snowy Kansas. A million thank yous to my mom and sister for all of the work they did while they were here. Our house wouldn't have begun to feel like a home without you! 

And now it seems so quite here today. Lily is keeping watch by her window to see if Mom and Em are coming back. 

Hope you had a productive weekend. Stay warm out there kids!

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