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Hello from warm and sunny Dallas! (Sorry friends in the northeast!). We are settling in nicely here and had a wonderful weekend. I can quickly see that our weekends will be spent outdoors enjoying this weather! Here are a few photos from our first weekend as Dallasites...

First of all, let's back up a few days. I went back to work (remotely) on Wednesday and am now struggling to be efficient from this position. Hoping to come up with a better solution when I set up my office in the coming weeks.  She is so needy with me during the day.

Friday afternoon I met my friend Julee and her darling new baby girl, Brooklyn, for a late lunch (at Chili's obvi). And then we strolled Brooklyn around to some furniture stores to get ideas for our place. We have to buy so much new furniture - it is nuts. It was such fun to spend an afternoon with my old NYC friend in our new city and be with her well-behaved, darling little girl. 

Al and I have come up with a new Friday night tradition and I'm so excited about it. We plan to visit a different Mexican restaurant every Friday until we find our favorite. My family went to the same Mexican restaurant each Friday of my childhood and it was such a comforting and fun tradition. The first on our list was Gloria's. We've had people rave about Gloria's to us and it's not far from our apartment so it was an easy first pick. We made the unfortunate decision to eat two (TWO!) bowls of chips before our food came so we were a little too stuffed to enjoy our meals, but they were still fantastic. Two thumbs up for their chips and famous bean dip (and queso) and two thumbs up for proximity to our town home. Dallas readers - what Mexican restaurants do we need to add to our list?

We were pumped for Saturday as it was supposed to be in the mid to high 70s! We spent the morning on the Katy Trail with Lily. For those not familiar - the Katy Trail is a large and well manicured path for walking, running, biking, and rollerblading. It stretches for 3.5 miles through Uptown, Oaklawn, and Highland Park (neighborhoods just north of the city center). There are several bars and restaurants near it (some that back up on to it) and it is the place to be when it is nice out. (Fun fact - the Katy trail follows the path of the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. Thank you Wikipedia.) Lily loved the wide sidewalks and being out in the sunshine. We all did. 

After dinner we dropped our worn out little pup at home and headed to do some furniture shopping. Thankfully we pulled the trigger on a long farmhouse table and my desk! Feels good to finally begin putting some furniture in our rather empty place (if you recall - we left quite a bit of furniture back in New York). While Al drove, I explored the radio stations. It's so hard to set your preset buttons when you have no clue what are the "good" stations. :) Oh, and it's always best to conduct one's research on a piece of paper used previously for blotting lipstick. 

It was still so beautiful out when we got home that we went up on our roof deck to relax. Relax = reread cookbooks and eat Wheat Thins with Lily. We really need to get some outdoor furniture for the roof - the beach towel is not cutting it. 

Saturday night we met our friends Scott and Caroline for dinner at what could possibly be the best "welcome to Texas" restaurant ever - Stampede 66. Think frito pie, chicken fried steak, baked beans, corn bread, cobbler, etc. I've come to learn that Chef Stephan Pyles is a big deal around here. I'm looking forward to eating at his other restaurants. We loved Stampede 66!

^^ Chicken fried steak YESSSSS.

Sunday was a whole lot of this....

...followed by this...

... and ended at Mutts! Oh gosh Mutts just might be the best place on Earth. Two huge off-leash dog parks with a bar! Waiters come to you inside the dog park and take your orders for drinks. It's the perfect way to spend a few nice hours on a Sunday. Lily absolutely loved it. We went ahead and bought a year pass because we know we'll be back frequently. 

Sunday supper was steaks, mashed potatoes and asparagus. Because why not? It seemed like the best way to close out a perfect first weekend in Texas.

And look at that forecast for this week! I've never seen so many sun emojis in a row! It's amazing how much weather plays a part in my mood - I feel happier and lighter and more energized with all this sunshine. 

It's safe to say we're all doing well here in our new Dallas life. Things are good. And we all went to bed happy.

Check back tomorrow for some photos of our new place. Stay warm my East Coast friends!

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