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We've been in our new home for almost two weeks now so I thought it about time to show you the place. Here are photos I took a few minutes before the movers arrived (i.e. not the best quality - I was too excited for our stuff!).  I'll go floor by floor (yes, we have multiple floors!) and show you the space and what we plan/need to do for each room. Here's our home tour...

First Floor:
When you enter on the main floor we have a small room to one side (my office), a powder room, and the front entrance and the garage entrance. It's hard to tell in the office photos because we already had some boxes in there, but it's the perfect size for a desk, a bookshelf, and a bench for Lily to look out the window. 

^^ One side of office
^^ Other side of office
^^ Powder room

Main floor To Dos / To Buy:

  • Desk (done!)
  • Desk chair
  • Rug for office
  • Shelf for office
  • Lily bench/ottoman
  • Lamp
  • Rug for powder room
  • Welcome mat
  • Hooks/bulletin board/message board for hallway

Second Floor:
When you walk up the stairs to the second floor you enter into a large, open room which will be our living and dining areas. It also has a laundry room (which originally I wished was swapped with the powder room on the first floor, but now I'm liking not having to go down another set of stairs for laundry), kitchen, pantry, and small patio. 

^^ Living/Dining. So much light from those windows.

^^ Full size. Bless you.
^^ View of kitchen from "dining" side of living room.
^^ Kitchen

^^ View of living/dining from kitchen

^^ Patio off of kitchen. Lily loves going out here. We do have plans to put some chicken wire along the bottom just to be safe, but I'm pretty sure she couldn't fit her gallon head through it.

^^ Hello lover. Beautiful, beautiful pantry.

Second Floor To Dos / To Buy:
  • Sofa (Done - not arriving until Mid March)
  • Chair & ottoman for Al (Done - not arriving until Mid March)
  • Living room rug
  • Accent chair
  • Living room coffee table (?)
  • End table
  • TV (Done! Al's Valentine's gift)
  • Farmhouse dining table (Done!)
  • Dining chairs
  • Bar cart
  • Bar stools (ours are too short)
  • Patio chairs / table
  • Patio flowers
  • Get rid of arch lamp (anyone want it?!)
  • Get rid of cement coffee table (anyone want it?)
  • Red chest from our old entry way to storage
  • Laundry room shelving/storage solution

Third Floor:
The third floor has our master bedroom with en suite bathroom and walk in closet, as well as a guest room with en suite bathroom and closet. The master is about 3 feet larger than the guest room - both are very good sizes and I can't tell you how excited I am to not only have two bathrooms, but two sinks in our master!

^^ Master Bedroom

^^ Master Bathroom (TWO SINKS!)

^^ Master bathroom other side

^^ Master closet

^^ Guest Room

^^ Guest Bath (Notice the linen storage. Mind. blown.)

^^ Guest Bath

^^ Guest closet (aka Christmas and coat storage)

Third Floor To Dos / To Buy:
  • King mattress (Done! And never going back to Queen life.)
  • King bed (Done - arriving mid-March)
  • Dresser for master
  • End tables for master
  • Lamps for guest room
  • Organize guest closet (it is currently the location for I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-this items)
  • New towels and bathmat for guest bath (Done)
  • Get rid of leather club chair (ugly and broken)
  • Makeup storage for bathroom (so weird, the vanity has two sinks, but no drawers?)

Fourth Floor:
Our fourth floor is a fairly spacious roof deck! We love going up there during this nice weather, although I doubt we'll be up there in the full sun during the 100 degree summer months. Lily loves sprawling out and sunbathing up there while I read. The deck curves around to the left and has a faint view of the city skyline.

^^ Same thing as with our patio. I don't think Lily could fit through the fence, but we're going to put some chicken wire along the bottom just to be safe.
Fourth Floor To Dos / To Buy:
  • Patio furniture
  • Grill (so nice that there is a propane hookup built in up there)
  • Outdoor rug
  • Chicken wire around fence
  • String party lights around top of fence
  • Plants, flowers, herbs in pots

Some other things that we love about our place and the complex: 
  • Under-stair storage in the garage
  • Pool! (Bonus points that it is gated so dogs cannot go in it -- most frenchies can't swim!)
  • Two off-leash dog areas
  • Friendly neighbors with friendly dogs (Lily has so many new friends and they all romp around each afternoon)
  • Great location - close to restaurants, several grocery stores, and an 8 minute commute for Al!

So that's it! Our humble abode. We're excited, if you can't tell. :) Willing to take all decorating tips and ideas. We are overwhelmed with all this space, but are adjusting quite well. I think it will really start to feel like our home once our furniture is delivered (6 to 8 weeks delivery time is so painful!).  

My step-mom sent me this cartoon from the paper last Sunday. It couldn't be more true. More space has it's pros and cons (and so many stairs!).

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