master bedroom plan

As you may recall from our town home tour, we need a LOT of furniture.  Currently in our bedroom we have a king mattress and box springs on the ground, a side table, and a TV mounted to the wall. That's it. And it's driving me mad. Thankfully, we're able to put must of our clothes on the shelves in the walk in closet, but we have a few boxes of jeans and t-shirts collecting dust in the corner. 

Usually bedrooms are easy for me - a few side tables, a nice head board, pretty bedding and you're done. But, this time I was having trouble pulling the trigger. I had decided on the bed, but was underwhelmed by the bedding selections out there and felt that not until I had chosen bedding should I chose my dresser and side tables. I needed the bedding to dictate the "style" of the room. (I always really wanted all-white bedding, but we realized with a french bulldog sleeping in bed with us, that wasn't a very smart choice.) 

After changing my mind hundreds of times, I literally dreamed of the below plan and have decided to go with it. I wanted something soft, classic, not too fussy. Here's what I've planned...

What do you think?  I was nervous at first to put white bedding on an off-white bed, but have since come to terms with it. It's all relatively the same palate and I think opting for a gray-toned side table next to the bed, as opposed to a white table, will make it not as stark (the white dresser will be on the other side of the room). Eventually, I'd like to add more layers of pattern and color with some additional custom throw pillows (one can never have enough pillows) and drapes, but that stuff isn't as necessary right now.

I can't decided on a gray rug vs. coral. I think the coral would pop much more, but we'll see how Al feels about that much "pink" in the room. Has anyone seen any cute coral rugs? I'm not crazy about the one I found. I did get Al's sign off for the pillows and throw. I keep calling it coral and not pink so as not to freak him out. :) 

We've purchased some of these items, but not all of them. I'd love your thoughts. What do you want your bedroom to feel like? Do you buy your furniture first or your fabrics first?

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