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Hey guys! Or rather, hey y'all! (The Texas talk isn't going to get any less on here, btw).  We are back from our town home search in Dallas and feeling even more excited to get there now that I can visualize our new headquarters.  More on our town home later since I have some design questions to pose to the group at large, but in the meantime, here are a few photos from our weekend in the Big D...

We left a rainy and cold New York and arrived in a rainy and cold Dallas. (On both my visits it has never been higher than 40 degrees, so I've yet to experience this "great weather" I keep hearing about.) I'm not kidding that I got a little choked up watching Al so flawlessly hail a cab on our wait to the airport. And he got one during the dreaded 5pm window! (For those that don't know, cabs typically go off duty at 5pm and it's near impossible to get one to take you to an airport.) I'm now that crazy girl know who cries while hailing a cab, stops mid-sidewalk to take a picture of the empire state building, and generally walks around with a huge smile plastered to her face..until a homeless man drops trou. Gah, I love you, New York.

We read this hilarious book on the plane. Some great tips about Texas, but also some really funny observations. 

After a late check in and a viewing of the series finale of One Tree Hill (because that's totally normal), we were up the next morning and ready for a full day of home-searching. I got a wee bit distracted in the hotel lobby. Goodness me this was one of the largest flower arrangements I've ever seen (and beautiful too). I kept trying to figure out if the vases were stacked and how they got it too look as if those bowls of tulips are floating. 

We looked at about 8 or 9 (honestly, I started to lose count) town homes for rent in the Oak Lawn area, and a few in East Dallas.  We had one more to see after lunch, but first TEX MEXXXX.  Our concierge recommended this place to us. It is so funny to watch a very polite man at a very posh hotel try to explain a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. Either way, the smaller and kitschy the better in our eyes, and Mia's definitely hit the mark. 

After lunch we went back to a few of our favorite town homes and finally made a decision. But of course, it was Saturday and none of the management offices are open until Monday so we filled out our applications but then had to wait.  Happy to report that the application and lease were all finalized yesterday and we now have a Dallas address!  But, like I said, more on that later.  

The rest of the night we spent with our friends in Dallas at dinner and drinks.  So nice to know that we have some good friends already down there. 

Sunday before we headed out I got to meet our dear friends', Julee and Brad's, newest addition. Brooklyn is so teeny tiny and is such a good baby. I think we're going to be fast friends, Ms. Brooklyn. Aunt Katie will babysit anytime! 

We got to the airport super early, but it was all good. Even Love Field Airport has a Chili's (shaking my head at you LaGuardia, JFK, Newark, and KCI).  The Cowboys game was on and may I just say, that every man, woman, and child in Dallas watches the Cowboys. I'm used to the occiasional Jets or Giants fan here in New York, and even more fandome with Chiefs fans in Kansas City, but they are nothing like the fans in Dallas. Literally everyone stopped to watch the game. I happened to be in the ladies room during one of the touchdowns and I was terrified for a moment that there was a bomb or something with all the screaming. Then it occurred to me that the odds of a terrorist attack at Love Field are highly unlikely, it was just the Cowboys scoring. 

^^ No one was sitting at their gates. All gathered around the nearest TV to watch the game. 

^^ Real live Cowboys (fans)!

^^ Would you believe it that I have over $200 in Chili's gift cards? Please also note the flourescent color of my margarita. That's how you know it's good.

And then the worst thing happened. I realized I was going to miss the live carpet footage of the Golden Globes! I was so sad. We called Lily's dog sitter and asked her to record it and I tried to rewatch it Monday night but it just wasn't the same.  (For the record, my best dressed was Julianne Moore.)

Made it home to see this little Gremlin and catch most of the Golden Globes. (Kind of a boring show this year, no?)

^^ We're unimpressed.

Busy week this week for us on both a work front and a moving front. I'll post about our new digs soon, but expect some lighter posts over the next few weeks as we gear up for our move. 

Cheers to a productive week with early bedtimes! 

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