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Heyo! Just quickly popping in to tell you that (i) I'm alive, (ii) moving cross country (or quarter country?) is a lot of work, and (iii) trying to tell someone how to do every little part of your job is exhausting. No joke this week has me spinning. I feel like I'm in a cartoon where I'm in a revolving door and Wylie Coyote just came an spun the door really quickly and I'm all smashed up against the glass and finally emerge collapsed with Xs for eyes and little birdies chirping by my head. Another analogy for you - we're in a very long race, we've made it past a few mile markers, but still have a lot of ground to cover and we have to pack up all our Gatorade. We'll get there one way or another, but for now we're focused on packing up our life here and saying goodbye to friends (we have never been so popular! Our social calendar is packed!). 

This weekend is our second to last weekend here, and thanks to the stress of getting sh*t done, I haven't had time to think about the fact that we're actually leaving this place. We have some fun New York-y things planned this weekend that I'm sure will make me aware of our numbered days in the city. And thanks to the long weekend, I feel like Monday will be a good panic day for us to freak out/get a lot of stuff done around our apartment. 

Here's hoping your weekend doesn't include the words (i) "panic" or (ii) "frantic". I DO hope you have fun this weekend. I hope we do too. 

Links I'm loving below. Check 'em out! 


IPO-ing is so hot right now. Another of my favorites is going public

My blog reading focus lately has been heavy on interior design. Some great home decorating tips here

The Oscar nominees have been announced. Who are you gunning for? We're going to try and watch Boyhood this weekend. 

How our phones are preventing us from being bored. And that's a bad thing. Embrace boredom! 


Wishing you an easy weekend! 

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