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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was relatively uneventful, which I didn't seem to mind since it felt like the last calm weekend before the crazy schedule of the holidays officially begins. Movies at home, some holiday shopping, and a very productive Sunday. Here are a few photos...

Friday we got crazy and tried a new pizza place (yes, this constitutes an exciting Friday night for us...sad).  Good news, although a little on the greasy side, Pizza Suprema is very good and very authentic. And they only have once size - gigantic, which is roughly the size of a standard New York City counter top. To go with our jumbo slices, we finally watched This Is Where I Leave You which is now on apple TV for rent. Move is good, but the book is far better. It's just hard to build those sort of character relationships that the book has in only 2.5 hours.

Saturday was rainy. All day. Not just sprinkling, but downpour the majority of the day. It was perfect for a lazy morning around the house and a long workout at the gym. Around 5 we decided to venture out in the rain to do some holiday shopping / see some holiday windows. Even in the pouring rain, New York is still so beautiful at Christmastime.  

(not pictured - the LIVE windows at Barneys that have real humans in them! There was a big crowd of European tourists in front of us and I couldn't manage a snap. But go check it out - twice an hour the windows come to life!)

^^ I love the selection of NYC-themed ornaments at Bloomingdales. 

For dinner I had a fun surprise for Al. We've been unofficially trying the best burgers in the city (Minetta Tavern, Shake Shack, Corner Bistro), but we hadn't yet tried the burger at The Burger Joint hidden inside The Parker Meridian Hotel. The only indication of the spot is a neon burger sign with an arrow. I love hidden little gems like this. Although, the 15 minute line kind of killed the secret hideout feeling. :) Either way, we were able to get table and ordered fairly quickly. The burgers were fantastic, the fries were better. It's a fast setting - in, sit, eat, out. Ideal for post-shopping hunger. We had plans to grab a drink at The King Cole Bar in the St. Regis afterwards, but we were soaked and tired so headed home for more movies.

^^ Messy, but tasty.

^^ You know what kills your Holiday spirit? Kramer vs. Kramer. My gosh that movie is so sad!!  We had never seen it before and couldn't figure out why people kept telling us to watch it.  So sad.  But fun to see how young Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep are. 

Thankfully, by Sunday the rain had cleared and it certainly perked up our productivity. I whipped together a quiche for breakfast (recipe coming on Thursday), roasted veggies and grilled chicken for lunches, worked on finalizing the gift guides for this week, went to the grocery store, and even brushed Miss Mayo's teeth. Whew! 

^^ Healthy lunch prep. Squash is having a serious moment in our house right now.

^^  Brusha brusha brusha.

Supper was Noah's Clam Chowder with a side of burnt crostini. I'd say more often than not I forget I have bread under the broiler. (Side note about that soup recipe:  It is so freaking good. I'm totally aware that it is full of processed foods and I fully intend to make a from-scratch version one of these days, but when you're short on time and want an easy supper it's nice to throw some cans of soup together and toss it in the oven.)

^^ BAH!  Every time!

All that and I didn't even take a nap! But I did get napped on by the world's snuggiest french bulldog.

And here she is all serious-like wishing you a quick and easy week!  

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Make sure to check back tomorrow for my 'for the hostess' holiday gift guide! 

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