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Hello and happy Monday of a short week to you! As I indicated Friday, we had very little plans this weekend. And that was even more true when I woke up Saturday with the cold Al had last week. So with both of us hopped up on Day Quil, we hibernated to the extreme this weekend. Here are a few photos...

The weekend officially begun with prosecco + cranberries, Lily girl, and making our way through our DVR. (May I take a moment here? Oh em gee that Eileen Davidson is on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! I still watch The Young and The Restless and my brain exploded when I realized Ashley Abbott was a BH housewife! Yes, I am legit excited; bear with me. Mama needs her stories and reality TV.)

Since we went to bed at 9:45 (a new record) on Friday we were up early Saturday for no good reason. Moving from the bed to the couch for some oatmeal + cranberries, walnuts, brown sugar. I guess that's worth getting up for.

Caught up on a ton of blog work this weekend. Only good part of being sick is that I don't feel bad for being on my computer for 6 hours on a Saturday. Would probably be more efficient if I didn't have my sweet family laying on me during my work, but where's the fun in that?

I feel like I need to confirm that we did in fact leave the house this weekend.  We went outside for a walk, but made it about three blocks before Miss Mayo put on the breaks. She's like me and is not a fan of the cold. I just really hate bundling up. It's so restrictive ("I can't put my arms down!") and then I break into a hot flash anytime I go in a store. No me gusta.

A quick dinner at Friedman's and then headed back home. Since we weren't going out, we allocated our booze calories on the cookie Sundae. That's salted caramel ice cream on top of a warm cookie, in case you weren't drooling just looking at it. 

Back home for a NyQuil night cap... (Gosh, this might be the most pathetic weekend recap of all time).

And my favorite part of the whole weekend? Facetime with my three favorite blondes. Can't wait to see these cuties over Christmas soon!

Sunday was the same as Saturday. Medicine, nap, read, repeat. Lily didn't seem to mind.

Supper was the perfect comfort food - my Winter Minestrone Soup. Seriously one of my favorite recipes - veggies and tortellini in a flavorful broth. Al's favorite part is the toppings - balsamic vinegar, pesto, Parmesan, and bacon/pancetta. Recipe here.   

Went to bed early (like 9pm, whoa) and feeling better today. Hopefully all this rest will shorten this cold before Friendsgiving on Friday! 

Cheers to a quick week!  Always best to end these posts with a glamour shot. If this face can't make help your Monday, I don't think anything will...

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