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Never more than during the holidays is a 'bar' setting in your home more necessary. Neighbors popping over with baked goods, family visiting, and maybe even a little nip while you're wrapping gifts - a bar is a must. Not just for holidays, a little designated area for a bar can really add that extra touch that finalizes your decor. That's why when the folks at Chairish asked me to come up with a vintage furniture setting inspired by their mission, I knew that I'd go the bar station route. (Although I did lose several hours browsing their vintage jewelry and accessories as well!)

If you aren't familiar, Chairish is a website that allows you to buy and sell vintage pieces online. They believe that mixing vintage furnishings and accessories into your home decor can add splash of pizzazz to any room. I couldn't agree more. It's so easy to have everything you own be from a number of chain stores, but I find that I love my vintage and antique pieces more because they have a story. It's fun to imagine the previous life my vintage pieces had - the rooms they've lived in before finding their way to our home. 

And back to the bar, you don't need a butler's pantry or a huge space to designate for your bar. Just use your existing hutch or credenza, clear it off, and add a few fun touches. It is a great way to get guests out of your busy kitchen this Thanksgiving by giving them an alternative mingling space.  Here's how I'd do my holiday bar...

Mid Century Modern Low Walnut Dresser - This piece could go in any room in the house - bedroom, living room, dining room. Although, I probably wouldn't set it up as a bar in your bedroom. :) 

Mirrored Cocktail Tray - I love when there's a place to corral bottles of liquors. And an old mirrored tray is perfect for just that.

Dog Print Cocktail Napkins - Frenchies! With Antlers! Really though, cloth cocktail napkins add a great finishing touch. Just swap them out each season.

Gold Rimmed Snowflake Highball Glasses - gold + snowflakes + vintage = must have.

Glass Decanter with Gold Details - New to the vintage world? Decanters are a great first piece to look for. They're beautiful, affordable, and pretty easy to come by. 

Party Straws - Because they make everything cute.

Holiday Framed Print - I'm so punny. Get it? SPIRITS?

Rosemary Christmas Tree - festive and functional. Throw a spring of rosemary in that gin and tonic and watch people be amazed. (Sold out - similar here)


Thanks to Chairish for the inspiration!  And what a great time to remember to go vintage for your holiday gifting this year. A gift with a "previous life" is even more special.

{image © The Rose Record}

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