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Happy Friday! It is officially coat season out there. Not just a cute little poncho or jacket, but full on bundle up-wrap your face-cover your head cold. We're headed to Dallas this weekend which normally would be a lovely break from the cold temps, but apparently it is even colder in Dallas than  it is in NYC!  In the 30s!  Thank ya polar vortex for that. While we won't get a hit of warm weather, we still plan to see a whole bunch of our friends who reside there, eat some good food, shop around and just have a little weekend escape. I've never been, so I'm excited to meet some nice Texans and see what the state is all about. ☺ 

Lots of links for the remainder of your weekend.  Enjoy! ↓



They'll never be as good as dogs. Here's why.

And if you didn't get enough Thanksgiving chatter yesterday, a few more: 

     → Ina's tips (I do most of these, they help a ton!)

     → About dry brining (so much less messy than wet brining)

     → Apparently people really make these?

Currently reading. (Yep. Still on my Liane Moriarty kick).

The Mayo Battle (the condiment, not our sweet Lily Mayo).

I spy with my little eye on West Elm's instagram.


Stay warm out there people. Happy weekend!

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