F O U R !!!

How in the world is our sweet Lily Mayo FOUR years old today? Time has flown. I can still vividly recall finding her sweet face online four years ago and knowing she was the one. That little pout and the cute stripe down her forehead sealed the deal (turns out you pay extra for the stripe down the forehead). The day she came home to us, I dropped to my knees and cried while exclaiming, "she's so much better than I thought she'd be!"

And that is how our lives have been since Miss Mayo came into them - better than we ever thought. She has made our relationship better - we communicate more, we share responsibilities, we have something to love on together. She gives us a reason to leave the office each night, and a reason to snugs in bed for five more minutes each morning.

People laugh and poke fun at my relationship with Lily, but really to me, she is my daughter. We've been through everything together these past four years. She protects me when I'm sick, lays even closer to me when I cry, delights when I'm happy, and is always down for a weekend nap.  I don't think, until I have a human child, I will ever feel a love like this (and then people say I'll totally forget Lily, but I vow to never forget her or not love her like this). She is my shadow, my joy, and my motivation. Yes, I'm one of those weird dog-owners. But how could you NOT be with a dog like this? 

Happy birthday sweet Lily girl. Thank you for being better than we ever thought possible.

P.S. Lily's second and third birthdays. And why she's always winning.

For more Lily sweetness, check out her on instagram under #LilyMayo

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